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Dunton Green

Physical Education (PE)

At Dunton Green Primary School we are proud of the many sports we offer and our involvement in many local sporting events.

We are proud recipients of the Gold Sports Games Award in 2018/19.  With a further award in 2019/20 as well as being recognised for our support, commitment and engagement of virtual progammes during the National lockdown  Summer Term 2020.




Our Houses are named after inspirational people in Sport and they are:

Nicola Adams 

       Ashley Banjo          

Marcus Rashford    

Jessica Ennis  


At Dunton Green we inspire our children with a meaningful PE curriculum through a range of sports that create enjoyable opportunities for all children to achieve; motivating them to be resilient team players who make healthy choices.

For us, PE is not simply a tool to develop fitness, it is a vital part of our curriculum. The benefits of physical education are countless and through teaching PE at Dunton Green we aim to: improve children’s well-being, both physical and emotional; reduces stress; improve concentration, and promote our school’s core values. PE can help to motivate and inspire children who find other subjects more difficult and can also have a positive impact on academic achievement. We encourage the children to persevere and to be resilient, we have high expectations of our children’s behaviour; and support them in working as a team and interacting effectively with others.  

The children enjoy two PE sessions every week and learn a range of skills and sports including, multi-skills, dance, gymnastics, team games and athletics. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves against personal targets and the children have the opportunity to record ‘personal bests.’ We provide multiple opportunities for the children to be active during the week; through PE lessons, ‘Funky Fridays’ where the children experience aerobics, guided dance and yoga/meditation and we also use the Daily Mile initiative.

Specialist sports coaches deliver lessons alongside our teachers in order to develop teacher’s subject knowledge and we offer a range of after school clubs focusing on PE skills and teamwork. Pupils in Years 3, 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to experience swimming.

Being part of the Knole Sports Partnership, https://www.knoleacademy.org/490/knole-sports-partnership-10  we are able to provide opportunities for pupils to take part in many competitions at an inter school level. We also run intra house competitions where our children compete for the House Cup. We have 4 houses, named after inspiring, black, British, sportspeople.


We believe that physical education should be fun for all. We are striving to make PE inclusive and engaging for all pupils and we intend to encourage healthy living and healthy choices.