Dunton Green Primary School

Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School
  • "Pupils make strong progress across year groups in reading, writing and mathematics." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of education. They believe that their children are happy and safe, and make good progress." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Teachers have high expectations of pupils. This ensures that pupils are motivated to pay attention and work hard." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Pupils' progress from their starting points in reading, writing and mathematics is strong across all year groups." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "The early years foundation stage provides a very effective springboard into Year 1." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Staff and pupils have strong relationships built on mutual respect. Pupils are adamant about treating all people equally." (OFSTED 2018)

Aims, Vision and Vision Statement


We aim to be an outstanding community based school that nurtures motivated and curious children; to inspire and empower a generation of life-long learners. We will celebrate the growth and successes of all our children so that they are enthusiastic about all of life's opportunities.


Vision Statement

Empowering life-long learners


Our vision and aims are underpinned by our core values:

Respect, Resilience, Perseverance,

Teamwork, Achievement



As a school we:

  • nurture the physical and emotional well-being of our children, providing a safe atmosphere where they feel confident, happy and valued
  • provide engaging quality first teaching that consistently adapts to the needs of our children; leading to outstanding progress and outcomes for all
  • set high expectations which enable all our children and staff to reach their full potential and take pride in their successes
  • inspire our children through a meaningful curriculum within a local, national and global context, alongside a wide range of enrichment opportunities
  • create an inclusive environment which provides opportunities to problem solve and take risks
  • welcome and encourage families and the local community to become actively involved in the life of the school
  • encourage our children to participate in new experiences that stimulate their curiosity and motivate them to become life-long learners
  • promote open collaboration amongst staff which supports professional development and personal growth alongside genuine friendship, trust and laughter.