Dunton Green Primary School

Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School
  • "Pupils make strong progress across year groups in reading, writing and mathematics." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of education. They believe that their children are happy and safe, and make good progress." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Teachers have high expectations of pupils. This ensures that pupils are motivated to pay attention and work hard." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Pupils' progress from their starting points in reading, writing and mathematics is strong across all year groups." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "The early years foundation stage provides a very effective springboard into Year 1." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Staff and pupils have strong relationships built on mutual respect. Pupils are adamant about treating all people equally." (OFSTED 2018)

Introduction to our School

Dunton Green Primary School is situated on London Road, Dunton Green on the outskirts of Sevenoaks, Kent.

The school provides an education for around 180 with a capacity of 210 children aged from 4 to 11 years, divided between 7 classes.

Dunton Green New Council School, as it was then known, opened on the 23rd May 1910. There were 85 children in the infants and 158 pupils in the senior section. The old school log books provide us with some interesting information about the education system over the past 100 years and we are pleased to have photographs dating back to the 1950’s.

The building has changed a great deal over the years but the original part is still in use today. Our school hall was once two classrooms and visitors have told us how they used to thaw out the school milk in front of large coal-fired heaters, one at each end of the hall.

In the 1960’s a new wing was added to the building and then a Horsa Hut with two classrooms was erected on the playground. That was finally demolished and replaced in 1998 by a new classroom block for our EYFS and Key Stage 1 children.

We are lucky to have a school building that is set in beautiful surroundings. A large playing field offers excellent facilities for different sports including athletics, football and cricket.

In 2010 we celebrated our ’100Years’. It was a very special week during which time we welcomed many ex-pupils to the school. They chatted to the children, sharing their experiences of their own school days and asking the children about the things they do and the different opportunities they have in school today. It was interesting for our pupils to hear first hand about the changes that have taken place both to the building and the teaching.