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Dunton Green

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Dunton Green we inspire our children through a meaningful MFL curriculum by developing confident linguists and communicators, celebrating cultural diversity and stimulating their curiosity of other countries.  


Our intent is for all KS2 pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills which will lay the foundations for language learning, not only at primary school level but for the future. We acknowledge the value of teaching modern foreign languages and provide age-appropriate and level-appropriate learning opportunities for all children in KS2.


We teach French in lower key stage 2 and Spanish in upper key stage 2, with a view to giving a valuable educational, social and cultural experience to our pupils and helping them develop important skills as well as an intercultural understanding.


In Year 3 and 4 the children are immersed into French through stories, short films and songs. The focus is on building the children’s confidence with speaking, using the correct pronunciation as well as every day vocabulary. The children are expected to show a varied understanding in reading, writing and speaking.


In year 5 and 6 the children are taught Spanish. They use the skills taught in previous years to help develop their confidence in another language. Spanish lessons build on learning every day vocabulary, building on previous knowledge each week. The children are encouraged to read, write and speak Spanish at least once a week.


With our MFL curriculum we:

  • Introduce children to modern foreign languages in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for all pupils.
  • Encourage children’s curiosity towards other languages and cultures.
  • Support speaking, listening and oracy skills.
  • Develop an awareness of cultural similarities and differences.
  • Provide the foundations for pupils to develop another language.


Language lessons are taught weekly and also incorporated into every day school life, where pupils are encouraged to complete small tasks such as answering the register, in French or Spanish. The children develop a love of learning a new language as it is done in an interactive and engaging way using an array of materials such as videos, presentations, games, songs, role-plays and many more.

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