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English as an Additional Language


The government’s definition of a bilingual learner is that it refers to any pupils who use or have access to more than one language at home or at school.

EAL Register

When your child commences with Dunton Green Primary School, you will be provided with a form requesting details about your EAL status.  This will help us define if your child is actually an EAL pupil. 

Benefits of being an EAL pupil

If you’re child uses or has access to more than one language at home and you declare this on the form, then your child will benefit from:-

  • Extra funding for school provision
  • Allocation of specialists from the Inclusion Support Service Kent County Council (ISSK) to help families with translators
  • Special support in school by ISSK such as observations and how to improve our provision to suit your child more
  • Cultural Awareness Days to celebrate children and families from other countries
  • Extra provision for SAT’s such as transcripts
  • Raised awareness to develop a better understanding of your child’s needs and their learning potential
  • EAL students often have high learning potential due to their ability to switch between two or more languages

If you consider your child has EAL status and you would like to discuss this further, then please contact your class teacher or Mrs Linkins, SENDco on 01732 462221 or email via office@dunton-green.kent.sch.uk.  

You may also find this link useful if learning from home: