Dunton Green Primary School

Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School Life at Dunton Green Primary School
  • "Pupils make strong progress across year groups in reading, writing and mathematics." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of education. They believe that their children are happy and safe, and make good progress." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Teachers have high expectations of pupils. This ensures that pupils are motivated to pay attention and work hard." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Pupils' progress from their starting points in reading, writing and mathematics is strong across all year groups." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "The early years foundation stage provides a very effective springboard into Year 1." (OFSTED 2018)
  • "Staff and pupils have strong relationships built on mutual respect. Pupils are adamant about treating all people equally." (OFSTED 2018)


We are extremely lucky to have a fantastic spacious indoor and outdoor classroom for our Reception children at Dunton Green. We love snuggling up and reading to the bears in our bear cave reading area. Don't worry, the bears are very friendly! We enjoy taking advantage of the fantastic school grounds and you can often spot our Reception Class outside in their wellies!


Our Early Years curriculum consists of seven areas of learning. The prime areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development underpin all of our learning in Reception and support learning in the specific areas. The specific areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Art & Design include essential skills and knowledge to help children participate successfully in society. Throughout Reception, the children learn through a combination of teacher directed activities and child initiated activities. Learning in Reception is always creative and exciting! In Reception, children are encouraged to develop into independent learners who love learning. At Dunton Green Primary School, we have high expectations of all of our children and ensure that children get the best possible start to their school education.

Reception children at Dunton Green are very quickly welcomed into the school community. We learn to follow the school's core values through our special core value bears. Our nurturing environment ensures that children quickly settle into school life. The Reception children also really enjoy collaborating with the preschool children from Tiggers Nursery School. Each week, Reception and preschool children come together to play, to take part in outdoor learning or even to learn Spanish together! Having a sense of community really supports the children's well-being, particularly when in their first year at school. To further support the transition to school, we carry out home visits, liaise with the children's preschools and invite the children into school for several taster sessions.

Ray the Bear is a very important member of our Reception Class. Ray the Bear loves to take part in all of our learning activities but most of all he really enjoys going home with the children at the weekend. He has his very own special scrapbook which everyone gets the chance to contribute to. He is also very good at looking after us if we fall over or miss our families at school.

Please contact the school office if you would be interested in a tour of our school.

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