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At Dunton Green we inspire our children through a meaningful history curriculum that allows them to understand and analyse a broad range of sources, develop critical enquiry and debating skills, and acquire an awareness of historical chronology.

History is such an important subject because it helps pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives and identify the challenges of our time. By the end of Key Stage 2, Dunton Green pupils will have developed a chronologically secure knowledge of British, local and world history, understanding how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.

Children are taught to understand the past can be divided up into different times, and to recognise and understand that there are similarities, differences and connections between eras. We develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past within Britain and the wider world; how and why some things change and some remain the same; why events take place and the outcomes that follow. We have chosen topics which allow them to explore the past, think about the present and prepare them for the future.

We provide a framework of historical skills for the pupils to draw from which will equip them to ask questions, make reasoned judgement, empathise, justify, critique and ultimately inspire pupils’ passion and curiosity to know more about the past. Artefact handling, enquiry-based learning, debates, drama, creative writing and school trips, will all help to deliver this meaningful and inspirational content to the children.

Please click here for an overview of the History curriculum